Chunky Move | Redshift

James Batchelor presents REDSHIFT

James Batchelor. All photos Morgan Hickinbotham

Premiere from Chunky Move’s 2017 Next Move Recipient

James Batchelor is one of Australia’s most exciting and ambitious young dance-makers. As the recipient of Chunky Move’s prestigious Next Move 2017 commission, he presents the world premiere of REDSHIFT from 23 November until 2 December 2017.
Batchelor is a young choreographer from Australia working internationally. He has been presented by major festivals and venues around the world in theatres, galleries, museums and public contexts.
In REDSHIFT, the Batchelor asks what drives us as humans to explore the unknown from the deep ocean, to deep space? What is the physical encounter with the unknown? How do we recognise it? And how do we capture it?
The unknown is a mysterious and romantic place for Batchelor. In this new work, he stretches time and space – a shift in awareness from the very large to the very small; to some surprising places, both surreal and humorous.
Continuing his collaboration with visual artist, Annalise Rees and sound designer Morgan Hickinbotham, REDSHIFT explores the encounter of the body with the universe and the process of mapping it.
Science has long held a fascination for Batchelor. In 2016 he joined a team of 60 scientists, students, artists and ship’s crew on an expedition to the sub-Antarctic Heard and McDonald Islands. It was this experience that has led him to create this new full-length work.
“Floating on the ocean’s surface in one of the most isolated places on Earth, science and art processes converged with surprising synergies. On a constantly moving platform, simply searching for stillness and stability was a task in itself. It was a relentless project, for two months at sea; it demanded extreme patience and flexibility to meet the myriad of challenges that exist in such harsh environments. The isolation, confinement and repetitiveness of our daily experience prompted a profoundly unique approach to space and time. From this unfamiliarity, I developed a particular sensitivity to the body”, says James Batchelor.
2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Next Move, a program that directly supports and promotes Australia’s unique choreographic voice. Previous recipients include:  Stephanie Lake, Atlanta Eke, Antony Hamilton, Byron Perry, Adam Wheeler, Benjamin Hancock, Melanie Lane, Michelle Heaven, Paea Leach, Jo Lloyd and Nicola Gunn.


Thursday 23 November – Saturday 2 December 2017

Chunky Move Studios, Melbourne

Direction & Choreography: James Batchelor
Performers: James Batchelor, Amber McCartney, Jacqueline Trapp, Jack Riley
Visual Design: Annalise Rees
Composition: Morgan Hickinbotham
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey (House of Vnholy)