Christine's Tap Tips!

Christine DennyChristine Denny is one of Australia’s most recognised tap dancers having specialised in the teaching of tap dance for the past 20 years. Based in Sydney she has been on staff at many of the country’s most prestigious performance institutions including Brent St, ED5 and NIDA – working with both junior students and tertiary level performers looking to a career in the industry.
Christine will be answering your questions about All Things TAP. If you have a question for Christine please email it through to Christine has just launched TAPATAK OZ which is a series of instructional Tap DVDs for all levels. Check it out here
QUESTION: Hi! I was wondering what I can do to keep my taps from falling of my shoes. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do – one of them comes off all the time. Is there a way to keep them on a bit better?
~ Maddison
ANSWER: Heh Maddison. I know exactly what you mean. This is a problem that most tap dancers face. What I recommend is this:
1. Take the offending tap off your shoe. You will notice that the holes in the bottom of your tap shoe will have become too big for the screws – which is why the screws fall out and the taps fly off.
2. Find a box of matches (make sure your parents or an adult are with you while you do this of course) – take a match and put the end without the red on it (the phosphorous) into the hole. Break the match off so one end is left inside the hole. You have now filled the hole with a small piece of wood (the match).
3. Repeat this process with any holes that are too big for the screws.
4. Put some super glue on the end of the screws and screw them back into place.
5. Leave the glue to dry overnight.
6. Yeah – Celebrate – your taps should now stay on your shoe.
So – give this method a go and let me know how you get on.
Happy Tapping!
QUESTION: My friend reckons I should loosen my taps to get a better sound. Does this work?
~ Bradford
ANSWER: Heh Bradford. Good question! I tend to think that it is better to let your taps loosen naturally over time. They do sound a little dead however if they are really tight, so perhaps you could loosen them a smidge! Remember though that a new pair of tap shoes is like any other pair of shoes – they take a little time to wear in. So be patient and give them time to mould to your foot and develop a unique and worn in sound! The best way to get a better sound though is simple – practice! Any tap shoe only sounds as good as the person wearing it. Strengthening your beats and keeping your ankles nice and loose will also go a long way to improving your sound!
I hope this answers your question.
Have fun – tippy tap tippy tap cha!