REVIEW | Escalator

Escalator Escalating Excellence: A Glimpse into Melbourne’s Vibrant Dance Landscape Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In a display of innovative movement and arti…

REVIEW | 4/4

4/4 by Chunky Move Fluid Beauty Unveiled: 4/4 by Chunky Move Offers a Soothing Symphony of Movement Reviewed by Brendan Daynes 4/4 is a mesmerising and soothing experi…

REVIEW | Elvis – A Musical Revolution

Elvis: A Musical Revolution It Will Definitely Leave You ALL SHOOK UP!!! Reviewed by Karina Lawrence What an absolute sensation this Australian Premier of the new Elv…

REVIEW | Galah

Galah A Riotous Masterpiece of Hysterical Absurdity and Electrifying Talent Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Audiences were both utterly mesmerised and joyfully bewild…

REVIEW | Identity

Identity Celebrating the Tapestry of Identity: A Captivating Journey Reviewed by Brendan Daynes Identity is a captivating program crafted by two of Australia̵…

REVIEW | Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast A Heart-warming Journey of Enchantment Reviewed by Georgie Ridley Step into a world where magic thrives, and love conquers all, by director and ch…

REVIEW | Metamuse

Metamuse A Movement Masterpiece Celebrating the Soulful Poetry that is Jazz Reviewed by Brendan Daynes In the world of dance, where innovation and creativity are end…

REVIEW | 40th Annual Green Room Awards

40th Annual Green Room Awards A Night of Glamour and Artistry as the Green Room Awards Turns 40! Reviewed by Brendan Daynes The 40th Green Room Awards dazzled audiences…

REVIEW | Rocky Horror Show

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show Step into the Iconic Madness and the wonderland of pleasure that is ‘Rocky Horror Show’ Reviewed by Brendan D…

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