Canberra's Paul Knobloch

Paul knobloch
Canberra born and trained at Canberra Dance Development Centre, Paul Knobloch’s exceptional artistic talents have propelled him from a young age to achieve national and international recognition as an outstanding dancer, artist, and partner of the highest caliber. His continued success as one of the few elite world-class Australian dancers is highly acclaimed by critics and peers alike in both classical and contemporary dance.
He has graced the stages of the world and danced throughout Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, China, Canada, America and Japan.
Here are some reviews of Paul’s work:
“The Fabric slowly rises to reveal Paul Knobloch, the lights highlighting his rippling muscles and blond hair. He was Apollo, God of manly beauty”

“Mr. Knobloch begins a solo that has to be seen to fully give justice to its passion and strength. Let it be said that we were all transfixed by the musicality of his movement and his ability to weave in between the notes heard.” Dance in New York – Darrell Wood
“A newcomer to the troupe, Australian Paul Knobloch, emerges from a fall of illuminated silk, which then rises into the air and dangles, just within view. Knobloch, a strong technical dancer, seems to have arrived from another planet; his style doesn’t blend with the others. But questions of style are almost beside the point.” Metro New York Elisabeth Braw
“The first dancer on stage Paul Knobloch emerges from a floor-to-ceiling column of fabric. Once free, he punctuates each musical phrase with sharp change in direction.” Stephanie Sirabian New York
“The piece opens with a suspended white sheath rising to reveal a lone male dancer (Paul Knobloch) clad only in trunks, looking fragile and unprotected outside his cocoon.” Edge New York – Meghan Feeks
“King has conjured an elaborate, extended duet for the title character (Meredith Webster) and her husband, Shahryar (Paul Knobloch). Scheherazade was at its best when conjuring surreal moments: a highlight was the sight of Webster and the impassioned Knobloch bound at the ankles by rope, partnering while a trio of blue-burqad figures walked ghostlike in the background.” Canada News – Janet Smith
“Newcomer Paul Knobloch sexily flutters and darts, open shirt infectious breeze similar to a parachute.” Mercury – Ann Murphy
Paul made his mark as a choreographer with The Australian Ballet in 2006 whilst still in high demand as a leading dancer within the company.
He continues to enjoy the benefits as both a dancer and choreographer on the international stage, having created works for the Australian Ballet and the Australian Ballet School as well as new works entering the repertoire of Canada’s Ballet Victoria.
He joined Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet as a premiere dancer in February 2012 and from commencement has been placed in high demand, dancing leading roles in King’s Scheherazade, Resin, Migration, Triangle of the Squinches, Refraction, The Moroccan Project and Dust and Light.
In just six months Paul has made a bold impact on the American Dance scene performing in New York and San Francisco, receiving outstanding reviews from the New York press and dance media.
Whilst in Australia, I had the opportunity to speak with Paul who felt that dance in Australia was heading very much in a positive direction.  “It is particularly encouraging to see so many boys taking dance class and feeling very comfortable in it. I am seeing such amazing talent emerging here, particularly in my home town of Canberra. It is so encouraging!”
On Paul’s return to San Francisco he will take part in LINES Ballet’s world premiere collaboration with acclaimed visual artist Jim Campbell.

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