Build Your Dance Brand

Build Your Dance Brand by Tia Jordan
Free spirited dancers don’t like to be boxed or ‘type cast’. The truth is however that being ‘labelled’ as an expert in a genre helps casting agents know what to do with you; where to put you; and which shows to put you in.
Our decisions are shaped by many influences including a bohemian existence that sometimes includes the financial situation known romantically as … borderline poverty. This may sound artsy and like a character building experience, but low income and increased debts suck!
There seems to be good reason to take every gig on offer during times like that. But will being on every job really sculpt your dream career?
Reasons for accepting bookings may include:
1. I need the money
2. My friends are doing it.
3. I can’t get any other work.
4. My agent wants me to do it.
5. I want the variety.
Do you know anyone who has taken bookings for any of those reasons? What would be some even more powerful criteria for accepting or declining gig offers? Travel? Experience? Working with industry mavens?
You have a choice in the design of your career or business, so it’s a good idea to think about what brand you are offering the producers, choreographers, or indeed the market. The jobs you turn down will have as much impact on your ‘brand’ as the jobs you take on.
I’ll share more about this concept in future blogs. For now, please make a friend request at so I can keep you updated with the latest.
Remember choose carefully and say yes to roles and jobs that juice you and will ultimately fulfil your financial, fun, and future needs.
Dance with Passion!