Brady Sings Marko’s Praises

Brady Kitchingham. Photo Alison Laird

Brady Kitchingham Applauds Marko Panzic

Praises Role in Growing Australian Dance Industry

Marko Panzic

He is artistic director and creator of his own contemporary dance company – The Blackguard – having had critically-acclaimed success with his two productions over the past few years Passion May Yet Be Fatal (2016) and Still Breathing (2018); however, Brady Kitchingham is happy to accredit at least some of his creative success and ambition to Australian dance industry champion – Marko Panzic.

In a recent online blog article, Brady waxes lyrical about Marko’s staying power and influence over the last decade and how he has changed dance in this country and the opportunities for dancers. Himself a graduate from Marko’s Show|Business Course in 2017, Brady has experienced first-hand the career-boosting positivity and motivation provided by Marko to hundreds of aspiring dancers and artists.

Brady summarises Marko’s influence into 6 main points:

  1. Ability to make and foster connections in the industry
    “As more talent rises to the top, dance studio and event operators are more than happy to take someone onboard whom Marko has given his seal of approval.”
  2. His Natural persona is his brand
    “…Marko is what we call the Emperor/Ruler archetype, but as mentioned above with his ability to promote connections, he is also a curator of sorts.”
  3. He has his finger on the pulse
    “He knows what is happening with his plans on the micro level and he’s also quite adapt at stepping back and seeing the big picture trends in the dance scene.”
  4. Positivity – He will make you believe in yourself!
    “Marko has one of the greatest gifts for someone in his field. He can make people feel good. He is as charismatic as he is knowledgeable and that makes for a deadly mix.
  5. Creates Opportunities for Dancers in Building His Brand
    “He works to make sure these opportunities are adding to dancers’ experience, skill level, networking ability and usually, their wallet thickness.”

To read Brady’s full article on breaking down the success of Marko Panzic please click here >>


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