BelleAir1Steven Watson and Emma Goh are the premier aerial duo, Belle Air. Established in 2010, Belle Air are already gaining profile and recognition for delivering seamless majestic performances with the precision and artistry which flaunts their classical training.
Both artists are accomplished performers who have travelled the globe forging world class professional dance and choreography careers. They transpose their international experience and knowledge to the creation of unique and enthralling aerial performance acts.
Together Steven and Emma deliver cutting edge aerial acts, which captivate and suspend their audiences through a spellbinding journey.
After appearing on the television smash hit Australia’s Got Talent, DanceLife caught up with the duo to chat about their experience on the show and how the concept got off the floor.
1.       You created Belle Air in 2010, what was your inspiration to start this aerial duo?
Emma and I were inspired by the idea that we could give audiences a new experience of aerial performance by combining the emotional involvement of story telling through dance, with the risk and daring of aerial performance. We are still inspired by the constant innovation required to give aerial performance meaning for an audience and also give dance moves a heightened sense of physical risk.
2.       Audiences recently saw you on Australia’s Got Talent. How was this experience for you both and your product?
Emma and I feel immensely privileged to have been a part of Australia’s Got Talent 2011. It was an honour to present Belle Air to such a large audience and to meet other aerial performers from around Australia. We were thrilled by the support and interest that our performances received.
3.       Steven, in recent years you have focused on developing your aerial and pole dancing skills. How did you get into this?
My first aerial apparatus was the pole – I saw other dancers and athletes with the most amazing upper body strength and control that they had achieved through pole dancing.  It gave me an instant awareness of upper body technique and a new perspective on how to use my body.  So much of the skill involved is whilst suspended upside down, so effectively your arms are now your base rather than your legs. As a result I saw instant changes to my physique. From there, taking it further off the ground to trapeze and hoop (lira) seemed a natural progression.
4.       Emma, you are a classically trained dancer who has danced for the New South Wales and Queensland Ballet, how has this training assisted you in the work you do now with Belle Air?
Classical ballet is a great foundation for aerial performance; the key principles are the same – technique, line, flexibility and discipline.  A strong background in classical ballet has also allowed me to approach aerial in a way which may not have been possible otherwise; there is a certain pain threshold which becomes second nature to dancers and this is transferable to aerial performance.
5.       To do the Belle Air show you need to be extremely fit physically. What tips do you have for our readers on achieving that ultimate lean body?
We are fortunate in that a career choice which is so physically demanding is also our passion.  We enjoy a certain level of fitness through regular performances, and supplement this with aerial conditioning exercises. We have found that exercise regimes which mimic or closely align with our aerial skill sets give us the greatest physical benefit for performances.
6.    Where do you see Belle Air in 5 years time?
We will expand our team of aerialists and introduce new and varied performances which can be booked ‘off the shelf’ or customised to client and event requirements.
Belle Air is represented by Jeep Management

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    Regina Boardman says:

    I have known Steven for some years and it’s thrilling to see how he continues to evolve, challenge, redefine and reinvent himself. Thank you for the interview! It served to remind me and all your readers that we’ll continue to see breathtaking things from Belle Air!

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