Rhonda Burchmore started singing and dancing from the age of two, and she’s never stopped. Blessed with fabulous legs, a great voice, and acting magnetism, Rhonda has performed her way around the world.
She has starred with Hollywood greats such as Mickey Rooney, Ann Miller and Anthony Newley. Legs 11 is a funny, fun and fascinating insight into the life of Australia’s most loved dancing queen.
From the roles created especially for her in Hot Shoe Shuffle and Red Hot and Rhonda, she dances through Irving Berlin classics, the hit musical Mame and the Australian launch of Mamma Mia!
Along the way Rhonda releases four albums, is a regular guest on television and variety shows, and even has time for motherhood.
Her long-standing career includes stage shows such as, They’re Playing Our Song, Baby, Song & Dance, Sugar Babies, Annie Get Your Gun, Dancin’ Man, Stop The World I Want To Get Off, Lend Me A Tenor, Hey Hey It’s Cinderella, Fever, Everybody Loves Rhonda and the world acclaimed ever popular Calendar Girls!
– Rhonda’s Stalker incident at The Queens Theatre in London where an obsessed fan wanted to shoot her during a performance of ‘Hot Shoe Shuffle’
– Enduring the harrowing experience of miscarrying on stage while performing. And then goes on to miscarry again while desperately wanting to conceive a second child.
– Incredibly humorous stories from dinner parties with some of the world’s most iconic personalities including Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Mickey Rooney, Ann Miller, Anthony Newley and more!
– Describes her friendship with Brooke Shields and is with her while Michael Jackson is trying to convince Brooke to marry him.