Voyage de la Vie™ is a multi-million dollar theatrical spectacular featuring death defying and breathtaking acts. With an international cast from 19 countries and other guest artists, this is Singapore’s longest running show with over 400 performances to date.
The first circus theatre production to be created in Singapore, it is presented through a celebration of song and dance. Combining the energy, physicality and athleticism of circus arts and gymnastics, the result is a contemporary cutting edge performance art form which fully engages the senses and keeps you at the edge of your seat.
With elaborate moving sets, stunning displays of grace and agility, and intricately designed costumes, Voyage de la Vie will be an amazing theatrical experience. World class architect and the set designer for the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, Mark Fisher, will lend his magical touch to this unforgettable show.
The show only has a few short months left of its run in Singapore, so for Australian Dance and Theatre enthusiasts traveling through Asia, it is a must-see stop-off on your journey!
Several very talented Australian cast and production members were recently available for interview: Bianca Ruyssenaers (Ensemble), Emma Casey (Ensemble), Michael Stone (Ensemble/The Guide), Helen Walsh (The Muse), Mark Mclauchlan (Ensemble), Markham Gannon (Artistic Co-ordinator)

Here’s what they had to say:
What is it like working in Singapore?
Bianca: “I absolutely love it! Love the weather, the people, the job, the lifestyle… It’s all such an incredible experience. This job has completely opened my eyes to the performing world, and I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing cast and incredible show”.
Emma: “Working here has been a life changing experience. It is such a beautiful country and I have enjoyed the different cultural experiences”.
Michael: “Working in Singapore is great – I’ve worked here before in 2009/2010 as part of the opening cast at Universal Studios. A lot of the friends I made are still here, so I’m lucky to see them again but also make new friends here at Voyage de la Vie. The cast is just like a family”.
Helen: “Wonderful.. The weather makes you feel like you’re on a holiday”.
Mark: “Singapore is such a mutlicultural country and the Gateway to Asia. Its great to live here because there is always so much to experience.”
Markham: “There is something about the warm weather that really takes the edge off. I always feel like I am on a holiday. That is personified by working at Resorts World which has a wonderful family feel about it with tourists from all over the world. Every day feels like an occasion of sorts. My work week here is very demanding and can feel relentless, but I wouldn’t change anything.”
What do you like most about working on a show like Voyage De La Vie?
the international cast of talented people – walking back stage and catching snippets of conversation in Russian, Spanish, French … (Bianca) … “Nothing beats being able to perform such a high energy show everyday” (Emma) “… it’s a new adventure … For me this is my first theatre show and I have learnt so much here” (Michael) “The circus acts are so amazing, I never get tired of watching them … (Helen) “… the chance to learn, then peform other acrobatic aparatus which are very new and exciting. Learning on the job is always a BIG bonus for me” … (Mark) “I have benefited from working with two incredible Artistic Directors and  mentors in Maggi Sietsma and Michael la Fleur. The two are very different entities from diverse backgrounds, and I have been fortunate enough to gain a great deal of professional knowledge from both of them. Secondly, I have learnt to appreciate the work ethic and passion of the performers and coaches within the circus world. We have world leaders such as Aurelia Cats in the show, who exemplify the ideal of perfect body lines and daring skill. The concentration and risk involved in these acts is incredible, and they work almost to the point of obsession to perfect themselves. I have so much respect for their dedication to their art-form” (Markham)
What can audiences expect from the show?
Michael: “The audience can expect a range of talent from amazing singers and dancers to gymnasts and amazing principal acts like juggling, trapeze, cloud swing, contortion and even an act with bow and arrows – it’s unreal. Also the work of a great artistic team and crew should not go unmentioned either… It’s an amazing show to be a part of and simply just to watch.”
What has challenged you most as a performer working on VDLV?
Mark: “Learning to accept and adapt to an ever changing, challenging and evolving show due to the new ground that VDLV is creating in Singapore’s entertainment industry.”
Bianca: “Being the youngest cast member (18) in Voyage De La Vie … this is my first major performing show, I have had a lot to learn about all aspects involved in circus theatre life. But I have tried my very best to embrace and learn as much as I can from all of the talented people I work with.”
Tell us why Australians travelling to Singapore MUST see this show?
Emma: “VDLV is in a field of its own, from the amazing sets to the incredibly talented cast and crew. We really do not have any productions ‘ike it on Oz so come to Singapore and experience Voyage De La Vie!”
Markham: “VDLV is packed with exciting acts in many genres, including trapeze, aerial hoop, fast track tumbling, juggling, crossbow shooting, dance, inline skating, bungee, cloud swing, singing, you name it. There isn’t a show of this nature in Australia. It has real ‘edge of your seat’ moments fused with a dramatic and emotional score by local composer Jonathon Lim. It’s a great way to spend part of your evening at RWS, enjoying world class entertainment at the Festive Grand Theatre.”

Voyage De La Vie Singapore Aussies
From left to right:
Emma Casey, Markham Gannon, Helen Walsh, Michael Stone, Helene Embling and Bianca Ruyssenaers.