AUSSIES BEST CHOREOGRAPHERS IN ONE PLACEWow! What a month it has been. As a co-director of the Australian Dance Festival (12-14th June 2009), I have been spending the last month interviewing choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance!
For those of you who don’t know, the Australian Dance Festival (ADF) is providing dancers with the opportunity to do a 20 hour choreography class with Australia’s top choreographers. If you’re good enough, you’ll be chosen by the choreographer to represent them on a world class stage at the Festival in front of a 1,000+ audience.
It’s been so amazing getting to know people like Nacho Pop, Tiana Joubert, Marko Panzic, Leeanne Bampton and Travers Ross. This season’s SYTYCD has been SO fantastic and we really have to give credit to the choreographers for doing such a fantastic job. I can’t believe that dancers are actually going to get the opportunity to work with these people…wish I wasn’t so busy organizing the event, otherwise I would be taking part in all the choreographies!
If you’re not as busy as I am, and you’re as excited as I am by the chance to work with these choreographers, then check out the details of the Choreography courses on
In my video interviews with them, I find out all about how they started off in dance, what the highlights of their careers have been, what dancers can expect from their Australian Dance Festival choreography and what kind of dancers would be appropriate to their choreography course.
I hope you enjoy watching the interviews as much as I did conducting them….
Marcia x