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Book of Mormon Auditions for Future Casting Requirements of Current Tour

Contact Your Agent | Applications Close April 22

The producers of the current Australian touring production of The Book of Mormon have announced they will be holding auditions for various roles to ensure future and ongoing casting requirements throughout 2018 and into 2019.

Applications Close: 22nd April 2018

Audition Dates: 9th May – 22th May across Auckland, Perth, Melbourne & Sydney

Production Dates: Various for 2018 & 2019 replacements and future touring.

Please note the following: 

  • These auditions are for ongoing future casting requirements throughout 2018 and possible 2019 Tour.
  • Auditioning for all roles within the show.
  • Previous applicants who audtioned are encouraged to re-apply. Where appropriate, they will see them again.
  • Not every applicant will receive an audition time. This show has very specific casting requirements and as such we will just be seeing those that are appropriate for the show.
  • Auditions are scheduled to take place in Auckland, Perth, Melbourne & Sydney.


  • All artists will be informed by 27th April if they have been successful in gaining an audition.
  • For initial auditions, artists will need to prepare 32 bars of a musical theatre or pop song that shows their voice and personality, as well as show material which will be distributed with audition times.
  • Appropriate artists will then move to a dance room. Artists are to have suitable dance attire as well as tap and jazz shoes available.
  • Some artists will then be asked to continue in the audition process with material from the show.


  • These auditions are for general ongoing casting requirements and future touring.
  • The casting break downs are very specific. Please read carefully.
  • Mormon male ensemble need strong dance ability, including tap. Elder Price and Elder Cunningham will not need to dance as part of their audition.
  • There are no roles in this production for Caucasian females.
  • Applicants must be over 16 years of age at time of auditioning.
  • Auditions are at the risk and financial responsibility of the auditionee.
  • You should NOT dress in the “Mormon uniform” (dress shirt, tie, dress pants). You should wear something youthful and clean cut. Jeans, converse and a nice colored polo or t-shirt works best. Beards or other facial hair is not encouraged.
  • If you are successful in gaining an audition, more information on material will be provided at that time. However, for vocal auditions, we request a contemporary musical theater or pop song that shows off voice and personality. We recommend staying away from songs that are written to be intentionally offensive, slapstick, or over the top in the humor department. Sheet music only, no backing tracks.


KEVIN PRICE (to play late teens to early 20’s): All-American, high school senior preparing for his mission. Very handsome. Head of the class, always optimistic. Heroic Mormon. Must be a great comedic actor and a fantastic pop-rock tenor to a high B. Must be at least 5’10 or taller.

ARNOLD CUNNINGHAM (to play late teens to early 20’s): Could be dweeby, dorky, nerdy, possibly overweight, or all four combined. Arnold is a pathological liar but his heart is in the right place. He is a total screw-up but not for lack of trying, he always wants to do the right thing. Seeking a fantastic comedic actor who sings well. Tenor.

NABULUNGI (to play late teens to early 20’s): African American. Pretty. Takes the hardships of her village very seriously and wants to help her people find a better life. Must have great comic timing. Strong Alto. Belt to an E.

ELDER MCKINLEY (to play Early 20’s-Late 20’s): District leader of the Mormon missionaries in Uganda. All-American, wide-eyed and hopeful. Must be a fantastic comedic actor and great singer with at least intermediate tap skills. High Baritone who can pop out high Bb’s.

MAFALA HATIMBI (to play 40’s): Black African. Father of Nabulungi. Has come to accept the hardships in the village where they live but is a discerning community leader and tries to bring joy to their lives. Must be a great comedic actor and singer. Also interested in actors who sing well. Baritone.

PRICE’S DAD / MISSION PRESIDENT / VARIOUS ROLES (to play 40’s): Caucasian. All-American good looks and physique. Plays several parts from the perfect picture of a head of a Mormon household, to the stern missionary president, to Joseph Smith, so must have the ability to be transformative. Must be a great comedic actor and good singer. Must be at least 5’10 or taller. High Baritone to an Ab.

GENERAL (to play Late 20’s to Late 30’s): Black African. The General is a warlord in Uganda who is terrorizing the local villagers. A physically threatening and intimidating figure who is a great comedic actor and singer. Baritone to an F.

MORMON MALE ENSEMBLE (to play Early 20’s – Late 20’s) Male Caucasian. All American, always optimistic. Must be a great singer and comedic actor with intermediate to advance tap skills. High baritone to high tenor. Over 5’8” is preferable.

FEMALE AFRICAN VILLAGER (to play Early 20’s – Late 40’s): Black African. Seeking great comedic actresses with excellent singing voices. Seeking Altos, Gospel Sopranos and Gospel Belters of all physical types.

MALE AFRICAN VILLAGERS (to play Early 20’s – Late 40’s) Black African. Seeking great comedic actors with excellent singing voices. Baritone/high baritone to high tenors.