Job title?
I am the founder of ‘J-Foxx Entertainment’ Pty Ltd a production company creating entertainment for corporate shows and special occasions. I produce, direct and choreograph shows, video clips, commercials etc. Some credits include:
TV Shows: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Top Model’. Artists: Guy Sebastian, Shakaya and Deni Hines
Corporate Companies: Mercedes, BMW and Xbox.
In addition to that, I’m one of the Directors of ‘Urban Dance Centre’ in Glebe where I also teach.
How did you start choreographing?
I’ve been choreographing for 20 something years, since a very young age and I was lucky enough to start choreographing for my parents production company ‘International Entertainment’ Pty Ltd. Prior to this I studied different styles of dance both locally and internationally styles include: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre and taught myself Hip Hop.
What inspired you to be a choreographer?
My parents are both in the entertainment Industry – they had a French Cabaret called ‘A Touch Of Paris’ that used to travel around Australia and Asia. I loved watching the dancing and singing and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to perform in their show.
Does choreography require professional dance experience?
I definitely feel that professional dance experience is essential for choreographers; I feel that my experience in the Industry both in Australia and Overseas is very important as each experience (be it good or bad) has provided essential tools for me as a choreographer. If you have been a Dancer you know how Dancers think and can often communicate your vision in a way that performers can relate to.
I’ve performed around the world in some amazing shows with Elton John, Liza Minelli, Starlight Express (the musical) A Radio City Music Hall Rockette in NY, USA, this has allowed me the opportunity to discover and learn what an audience responds to, what they don’t and why something can work in a live show but doesn’t work on camera and vice versa. Often by experiencing it first hand my understanding runs deeper. Personally, this profoundly translates into my creative and artistic expression.
Dancing as a career?
Many people think that dancing is not a serious career. I’ve lived my whole working career/life as a dancer/choreographer in the Entertainment Industry. Earning a living and being independent from a very young age: Travelling around the world, working with many Super Stars, Musical Theatre Productions, Corporate Companies and Self Devised shows. Dancers are the physical story tellers and as Artists we take our dancing very seriously, continually improving our art-form and having the discipline of an athlete when it comes to training and continuous self development and improvement. Dancing is a lifestyle more than a career. We live and breath to dance. We love dance.
Jets favourite dance style/genre and why?
My favourite music is R&B and Hip Hop My 2 x favourite dance styles are Lyrical Jazz and Hip Hop. I love expressing my emotions through dance and a lyrical jazz routine is a beautiful way to interpret an R&B ballad and tell the story through dance. Hip Hop is a style that I’ve been passionate about since I was very young, watching video clips of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince, I taught myself until I went to the USA which was the only place I could find offering Hip Hop classes. Nowadays there are Hip Hop classes everywhere, which for me is very exciting as now Hip Hop is a recognised, known and respected, continuously evolving and multi-faceted dance style.
On a lighter note, can anyone become a professional dancer?
Absolutely, if you can walk, you can dance! You need patience, persistence and practice! At Urban Dance Centre we have all walks of life take our Absolute Beginner Classes and untrained students come along with their friends to learn a few moves. Everyone of them have a fun time and walk away with some new moves and more confidence in their abilities + a little extra coordination 😉 !
Career highlights?
• Having a finished piece of choreography be well received by both the audience and the performers. • Seeing dancers come out of my class, workshops or performances inspired, elated and enlightened!
Career challenges?
Juggling UDC, J-Foxx and trying to spend time with my Husband and Baby Girl (my most favourite thing)! I wish there were 2 or 3 of me to go around 🙂
Jets most memorable moment on stage/ so far?
My most memorable moment was working in Monte Carlo performing in the amazing Monte Carlo Sporting Club with Elton John, to a capacity audience filled with royalty from around the globe. It was an amazing and surreal experience seeing Kings and Queens with crowns, diamonds and purple capes watching you dance.
Jet and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ AUS
• ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and Myself. SYTYCD has really helped put Dancing on the map and allowed people, who may have never understood dancing, the opportunity to learn and understand a little more about dancing as an Art and appreciate the incredible commitment and handwork that goes into being a Dancer and some of the joy that goes along with it.
• Season 1: I choreographed 6 routines on SYTYCD, Hip Hop and Lyrical group pieces and duo’s. They were very well received with all the judges Jason, Matt and Bonnie and also the Executive Producers and the audience.
• Season 2: I joined the production team to work on the entire audition process and behind the scenes advising and directing within the creative process of the show, choreographed a few group pieces ‘If Your Out There’ Lyrical and ‘Kill Bill’ Hip Hop in the finale. I was also featured in the SYTYCD book.
• Season 3: Travelled around Australia working with the auditions for SYTYCD 3, and am on the judging panel within Top 100 week and choroegraphed a number of routines for the season.
Juliette JET Verne Founder and Director of J Foxx Entertainment Pty Ltd and Urban Dance Centre Pty Ltd

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