Advertorial – Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance, National Workshops

Advertorial - Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance, National Workshop Tour

Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance – National Workshop Program

Ministry of Dance provides accessible dance to every person, of every age, of every skill level furthering their educationknowledge and experience in dance and performance, all delivered in a supportive and caring environment.
Through the National Workshop Program, the Ministry of Dance are able to spread their love and passion for dance and take on the road the key tools that are needed to establish a successful and sustainable career in the industry.
Jason Coleman and his key teaching faculty provide an experience of a lifetime; delivering engaging workshops able to be catered for any group and customised to suit specific programs and needs. The National Workshop Program is suitable for Primary and Secondary Schools and Specialist Dance programs for Dance and Performance studios anywhere in Australia.
The National Workshop Program gives participants the opportunity to work with the best in the business, ask the questions they’ve always wanted to know the answers to, and be inspired by the people that have made it happen. Not only will participants receive feedback on dance and performance, they will also be mentored in team-building, leadership, confidence, growing independently and individual thinking.
Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance are dedicated to dance, and want every person to experience this for themselves.
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