DanceLife is thrilled to be able to catch up with Adam Garcia while he is in London touring with the Tap Dogs. We spoke with Adam about his career to date and also about coming home to do the Tap Dogs in January.
1. You started your tap performing career playing Slide in the Australian touring version of Hot Shoe Shuffle before it went London. How does it feel to be coming home all these years later with the Tap Dogs doing what we originally know you as, a tapper?
It’s wonderful. Staying in London was never my plan but the opportunities that London presented me with were life changing. Coming home to dance again if very fulfilling.
2. To some younger Australian dancers they may recognise you from your recent judging spot on the hit UK television show Got To Dance alongside Ashley Banjo and Kimberly Wyatt. What was the process you went through to get this gig?
I had met the producer on a UK TV breakfast show – “The Big Breakfast” when Hot Shoe was first in London. The meeting came quite randomly & was luckily just a process of agreement.
3. You have been in London for quite a while now, a home away from home. What qualities as a performer and personality do you believe you posses that have kept you successfully working all these years?
I think I do have a quite belief in my abilities. Or rather I like to challenge myself & so simply put myself up to attempting all sorts of different things like film & TV. I have failed numerous times but in this industry that’s just par for the course. I also think when I am in work I work very hard. I have an Australian work ethic. David Atkins & Dein Perry helped instil that in me.
4. Wicked is having a phenomenal season currently in Australia. Tell us about your experience playing Fiyero alongside Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth in 2002?
To be honest I didn’t know who they were when I did the workshop in NYC back in 2002. I don’t keep up with musicals that much but they were lovely people & amazing performers. I didn’t even recognize Stephen Schwartz! But I did work it out fairly quickly that I was with a very special bunch of people. I do regret a bit not being able to open the show in NYC but I was invited to do the show in London & it was an immense privilege. It’s the BIGGEST show ever.
5. You are currently touring with the Tap Dogs in London before coming to Sydney in January. What are Australian’s like to work with compared to the British?
I think theatre people are kinda the same all over
6. What’s next on the agenda for you after your commitments with the Tap Dogs?
I have the new season of Got To Dance in the UK. That takes me up to March next year. I rarely know what I’m doing more than 6 months in advance. I like that about my life.
Tap Dogs will return to Australia on 5 January for a five week season at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney. For more details go to

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