A FREE Class For You!

A FREE Class For YouDo you want FREE class at one of the most prestigious training facilities in NYC for ONE YEAR? Performance experience with top Choreographers working in NY today? The right to stay and live in NYC… LEGALLY?
This is most likely the dream of many a dancer all over the world, and especially in Australia. Well, I am about to tell you a little secret about how you can make all this happen with one simple audition!
As most of you know I teach on faculty at STEPS on Broadway in NYC. One of the top places for professionals and students alike to train with world renown instructors and choreographers. I have enjoyed this position for about 3 years now, with the first year as Mia Michaels assistant and now with my own class. I have always reveled at the abundance of students from all over the globe that flock to this New York institution. The come for inspiration, intense training, networking, etc., and I wondered if there was a way for these foreign dancers to stay and work in America… for longer than three months at a time. Well, there is!!!!
I am thrilled to be part of a relatively new program at STEPS that offers dancers the opportunity to experience an environment very much like being in a professional dance company in New York City, along with unlimited free classes for an entire year! Approximately every three months a new choreographer is brought in to work exclusively with these dancers, creating an original work that is performed at a showcase at STEPS on Broadway. After a years time not only have you worked with numerous choreographers and a core of other young dancers, but at each performance (approximately 4 a year) agents, producers, and other industry V.I.P.’s are invited to attend and speak with the dancers at a private post show gathering. Needless to say, the opportunities for networking and future employment in the U.S. are limitless! This program, entitled the “STEPS Ensemble”, is the brain child of Claire Weston, Director of Student Programs, at STEPS on Broadway. I have been a resident choreographer for the last 2 years for this up and coming project and had the pleasure of helping 4 foreign dancers attain their working artists visa, with personal recommendation letters. As most of you know, it is extremely difficult to live, work, and dance in the U.S. unless you are attending a University or sponsored by an employer, but with this incredible opportunity you can do just those things. Imagine a year in the the dance capital of the world… NEW YORK CITY!!
The auditions happened a few weeks back. It is a program that is just beginning to take off with an unbelievable amount of potential. I figured it had been a secret long enough! And after my time in the land of OZ, having worked and met so many amazing dancers and artists, I thought it was time to bring our two great countries together by getting the word out about this fantastic way for Aussie’s to train and work (LEGALLY) in America. If you have ever wanted to know what it was REALLY like to be in a professional dance company, or take 5 different classes a day from world class teachers, or live in the most exciting city in the world, or work like you have never worked before… then this is the experience for you!!
I have just completed a brand new piece entitled “L’histoire de Mon Coeur”, for this years final performance of the STEPS Ensemble, and it’s premier was a few weeks ago! I was thrilled to work with a wonderful group of 8 dancers for this project, and couldn’t be more proud of the growth and integrity these young people brought to the entire 3 week process. Check out my next blog for a link to the Google Video clip with highlights from the show.
For more information about the STEPS Ensemble email Claire Weston at: claire@stepsnyc.com
TIll next time….
Love & Light,
Jason Winters