5 Continent Series Workshops

Sydney Dance Company’s ‘Lux Tenebris’. Photo Pedro Greig

Sydney Dance Company Joins Global Virtual Workshops

Learn Lux Tenebris Online  |  Sept 26-27

Over the next four months, five world-class dance companies will be coming through the cyber doors of the Towards Vivenica Academy, a new online easy-to-use platform created to deliver high-quality training.

Breaking through geographical barriers, each company will teach a selection of their repertoire, offering unprecedented access to their artistic process and work to dancers all around the world in the 5 Continents Series. The schedule is:

Sydney Dance Company  (Australia):  26 – 27 September
Beijing Dance Theater  (Asia):  17 – 18 October
Akram Khan Company  (Europe):  7 – 8 November
Gregory Maqoma & Vuyani Dance Theatre  (Africa):  28 – 29 November
Trisha Brown Dance Company  (North America):  19 – 20 December

On 26 and 27 September, Sydney Dance Company will present a two-day workshop beginning with a Contemporary technique class lead by Sydney Dance Company’s Rehearsal Associate, Charmene Yap.

Across both days, Company dancers Liam Green, Riley Fitzgerald and Jesse Scales will delve into the repertoire of Rafael Bonachela’s Lux Tenebris, teaching various sections of the work. Participants will have the chance to embody the athletic and dynamic movements of two different unison phrases and develop their own language based on a solo in the repertoire.

Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela said, “Sydney Dance Company is excited for this opportunity to share some of our much-loved and celebrated repertoire with dancers from across the world. Dance brings us together, gives us hope and, in these difficult times, helps us feel alive. Even though we are unable to be together physically, we’re looking forward to connecting with members of our global community to share our love and passion for dance.”

This festival is the brainchild of  Towards Vivencia and New Dance Academy, two companies devoted to creating spaces and opportunities to access high-quality dance and to build global bridges using dance as a platform for connection and growth.

Towards Vivencia Founder Director Jorge Crecis said, “Recent studies pointed out that 1 in 3 dance-artists is considering changing career given the current circumstances. From Towards Vivencia we have, we are and will continue working to provide opportunities for growth, training and employment for this not to happen. The 5 Continents Series is our response to keep supporting the individual dance artists with a global response!”



26 – 27 September: Sydney Dance Company (€39)
17 – 18 October:  Beijing Dance Theater (€29)
7 – 8 November:  Akram Khan Company  (€29)
28 – 29 November:  Gregory Maqoma & Vuyani Dance Theatre (€29)
19 – 30 December:  Trisha Brown Dance Company (€29)

The workshops will run from 10:30am – 4pm on both days.
Tickets: Early Bird prices until September 21. All 5 workshops for €99.

More info at www.sydneydancecompany.com/advanced-training/5-continents-series/

Bookings: Register to book at  twvonline.academy

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