30 FRONT ROW TICKETS TO WICKEDWICKED is setting box office records at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre. Demand for tickets is intense. But some are kept unsold until just before every performance.
A limited number of front row seats – specially priced at $30 per person – are held in reserve for the WICKED Ballot. Fans who arrive at the Capitol Theatre box office two and a half hours ahead of every performance can enter the ballot. Their names are collected and placed in a barrel. The winners are drawn half an hour later and their names called. The winners must be at the draw and have valid photo ID. The winning tickets cost them just $30 and they can buy two, for themselves and a friend. (The tickets must not be sold to a third party.)
“The Ballot is a great way for people to see WICKED if for some reason they can’t book ahead,” says WICKED’s Australian co-Producer John Frost. “They may be visitors from interstate or overseas and in Sydney for just a day or two, and haven’t booked ahead. Tourists are always among the ballot entries at the Capitol’s box office.
“Students and young people love the idea of the Ballot. On impulse they turn up at the box office hoping to buy seats and find there’s the chance of getting front row seats at the next performance. And if their names aren’t drawn they can come back as often as they like. Eventually, they calculate, they’ll get in and have their WICKED way!”