Published on 26th Jan, 2009


Since dance has becomes more popular in Australia there has been a surge of young dancers/choreographers joining up with their buddies to create workshops. The SYTYCD contestants from last year are big on the workshops and thanks to the profile they gained by being on the show have been touring throughout Australia teaching children and adults how to dance. Workshops can be very valuable for up and coming dancers who just do classes at their regular studio. It’s important that you are taking classes in a variety of styles taught by a mixture of teachers and most workshops provide you with that.

As you can see from the picture Marko went back home to Perth the other week to teach a Summer Intensive Workshop with SYTYCD Judge Matt Lee, Reed Luplau and Mitchell Hicks. It’s great that Perth can have access to such a talented group of dancers/choreographers. Marko was extremely happy with the trip. With over 100 students attending the workshop you can be sure that others will follow in Marko’s footsteps.


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