Published on 21st Dec, 2010

EVERYONE’S favourite green ogre is coming to Australia. Shrek The Musical is likely to be staged here in 2012 by leading theatre producer John Frost.

The show, which opened on Broadway in December 2008, was the most expensive show ever to be produced at the time. Its budget has since been surpassed by the $65 million Spider-Man, but Shrek still promises to be one of the biggest shows ever seen in Australia.

A spokesman for Mr Frost confirmed he owned the rights to produce the show in Australia, but said a theatre was yet to be booked.

“He intends to stage it, but needs to find available theatres first,” the spokesman said.

Shrek the Musical, based on the hit movie in which an unseemly ogre – and not a handsome prince – rescues a beautiful princess, closed on Broadway in January, but is touring the US.

Source: Sun Herald


  1. avatar Posted by Sophie on October 9th, 2011 [Reply]

    Does anyone know anything about open auditions for this? I know the major roles’ auditions will probably be closed but maybe the minor ones like the teen and young fionas?


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