Rhys Prepares For A Hot Summer!

Published on 31st Oct, 2008

Rhys Prepares For A Hot Summer!Rhys Bobridge (SYTYCD1 Runner Up) is about to release his debut single at the end of November ‘Hot Summer’.

Things have been a little quite from the contestants from Season 1 of Dance with many of them auditioning for Chicago and booked till the New Year for corporate events. Rhys was a true fan favourite but what will his music be like? More importantly the film clip?

I imagine the film clip to be a cross between Xanadu & a Kylie Clip which equals glitter, sequins, and boys in little clothing.

I can’t wait to see what Rhys has in store for us. Rhys has recently moved from Mark Byrne Management to Scorpio Music to focus on his music career.


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