Published on 28th Sep, 2010

LOCAL performers are being urged to roll up and roller skate for Xanadu: The Musical with auditions for the Broadway show, opening under a Melbourne Docklands marquee early next year, to be held in November.

And Australian producer Mark Pennell (Sweet Charity, Countdown The Musical) said yesterday: “If you can sing and skate and don’t mind wearing lots of blue eye-shadow, we want to hear from you.”

The lead role – made famous by Olivia Newton-John in the cheesey 1980 movie, Xanadu – is likely to go to an American performer.

Kerry Butler headlined the show in the US, where it earned three Tony nominations.

Xanadu is a follow-your-dreams story about a muse and a struggling artist who yearns to open a roller disco.
The original film (starring Newton-John and Gene Kelly) was critically panned but its pop-rock score (penned by John Farrar and the Electric Light Orchestra’s Jeff Lynne) drives the tongue-in-cheek stage version. Songs include Magic, All Over The World and I’m Alive.

“It is a crazy show,” Pennell says. “A complete spoof of the movie and that whole era. We hope everyone buys into the madness of it all.”

Xanadu: The Musical will be staged in a custom-built, 2000-seat Grand Chapiteaux, along the lines of Cirque du Soleil’s marquee.

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Source: HS Melbourne


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